Apt to work with all common balers, SICOR 350 is an excellent solution for conventional baling of small square bales. 

Like other SICOR Line twines, SICOR 350 has been tested and approved all over the world, making it recognized for its versatility, softness and resistance into crop baling in smaller formats, in the most demanding markets.

Small Square Bales


» For small square bales
» UV Protection
» Uniform twine thickness
» Knotless and fibrillated twine
» Easy feed
» Lab and field tested
» Quality control ID number
» 100% recyclable


Color: Blue
Spool weight: 5kg
Spools/Bale: 2
Bales/Pallet: 80
Pallets/Truck: 28


Especially designed to work on small square baler machines.

Technical Specifications

» 3200m per bale
» Knot resistance: 92kgf

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