SICOR Baler Twine are produced from extra long and strong Sisal fibers that guarantee uniform and knot-free twines.

Designed specifically for square bales, SICOR Baler Twine is a 100% natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly product that is harmless to the land, crops and animals.

A premium baler twine entirely produced in our production units, in Portugal or Brazil, where high quality standards are followed.

Sisal Twines


» 100% natural fibers
» Biodegradable
» Uniform twine thickness
» Knot amendment free
» Resistant to rot and mold
» Treatment against insects and rodents
» Minimum tensile strength guaranteed
» Excellent abrasion ability
» Lab and field tested
» Environmentally friendly


Color: Gold / Green / Natural
Spool weight: 20kg
Spools/Bale: 2
Spools/Pallet: 60


SICOR Baler Twine were specially designed to work with square bales and make baling ecological, with a 100% natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly twine.

Technical Specifications

Reference Range (m/Kg):
» SICOR 150
» SICOR 185
» SICOR 200
» SICOR 220
» SICOR 250
» SICOR 280

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