SICOR INDUSTRIAL is a new product line, specifically developed for the industrial baling of forage and biomass, which aims to replace the wire commonly used in stationary baling presses.

They are suitable for several types of baling, with INDUSTRIAL Biomasa being the ideal solution for industrial baling of straw, while INDUSTRIAL Forrajes is perfect for working with hay and alfalfa.

In a new 21KG spool format, it is a line of high performance products, tested in the laboratory and approved in the field, which allows the easy handling, storage and transport of bales without losing their characteristics and properties.



» For stationary baling machines
» Ideal for working with straw, hay and alfalfa
» For very high density bales
» Allows bales to be handled without damaging them
» Knotless spool twine
» UV protection
» Controlled knot slipping
» Minimum breaking strength guaranteed
» 100% recyclable


Color: Black
Spool weight: 21kg
Spools/Pallet: 45


SICOR INDUSTRIAL was specifically developed to be used in stationary baling machines. It is the ideal product for baling straw, hay or alfalfa.

Technical Specifications

Product Line:
» INDUSTRIAL Forrajes (straw)
» INDUSTRIAL Biomasa (hay & alfalfa)

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