With a special recipe “made by SICOR“, SICORSTEEL® ropes present characteristics of a superior quality and durability product when compared to polypropylene or polyethylene ropes. This innovation provides a lightweight rope with a high breaking strength that brings it closer to polyamides, combining high tenacity with low density.

As it is a floating material, which has very high levels of breaking strength and abrasion resistance, it is the ideal product for those looking for quality and high performance in any naval task or application.

Ropes & Cordages


» High resistance to UV rays
» High breaking strength
» Excellent abrasion resistance
» Does not absorb water
» Low density
» Floats on water
» Rot and mildew resistant
» High performance and long lifetime


Standard presentation:
» Coils (220m)

Standard color:
» Green (with a red mark)

*Other colors and presentations are available under request. Contact us!

Technical Specifications

Constructions available:
» "Z" or "S" twist
» 3 or 4 strands

Range of diameters:
» From 4mm to 96mm

*Specific requirements may be available under request. Contact us!

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