SICOR® shadow nets are very effective in creating the perfect environment for different applications in horticulture, greenhouses and gardens because they provide a uniform and adjustable shadow for the best protection of your crops.

They have high protection against UV rays and allow air circulation so as not to accumulate heat and stabilize the temperature.

In addition to being lightweight, easy to install and having a long life cycle, our shadow nets are produced from high quality virgin polyethylene and are therefore 100% recyclable.



» High resistance to UV rays
» Uniform shadow
» Allows air circulation
» Reduces the temperature
» Works as windbreaks
» Long lifetime
» Lightweight and easy to install
» 100% recyclable


» Width from 1m to 5m
» Length from 100m to 500m

Standard colors:
» Green
» White

*Other colors and presentation modes are available under request. We can also provide tailor made awnings. Contact us!


Allows the reduction of solar radiation, providing a uniform shadow. 

It can also work as a windbreak.

Technical Specifications

Opacity levels:
» Since 60% up to 75% opacity
*Other opacity levels may be available under request. Contact us! 

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