Horticor® twines are mainly used to guide and support the growth of fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, kiwis and many others. In addition to its various applications in horticulture and greenhouses, this product can also be used in vineyards or gardening.

They are produced with 100% virgin polypropylene, contain protection against UV rays and the necessary softness to facilitate handling and prevent damage to plants during growth.

Horticor® products really guarantee the advertised length and can be supplied with different formats and specifications, thus allowing to enhance the users' performance depending on the desired application.

Horti Twines


» Higher Performance
» Guaranteed length
» High resistance to UV rays
» Soft and easy to handle
» Smooth and harmless surface to crops
» 100% recyclable


Standard colors: Black / White 
Spools height: 25cm
Spools weight: 6kg
Spools/Pallet: 160

*Other colors or presentation formats are available under request. Contact us!


Horticor® is ideal to guide and support your crops in greenhouses.

Can be also used in vineyards and gardening.

Technical Specifications

Twine range:
» 500 m/kg
» 1000 m/kg
» 1250 m/kg
» 1500 m/kg

*Guaranteed length
**Other references are available under request. Contact us!

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