SICOR has two types of golf nets, Golf Surround and Golf Impact. Both are very easy to install and are prepared to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Golf Surround is a high tenacity knotted netting, contains treatment against UV radiation and is very resistant, which enhances the duration of its life cycle. 

The Golf Impact is a knotted net, produced from very high quality nylon, which makes it capable of resisting all impacts from the most violent shots. Offers greater tenacity and resistance to breakage, and contains treatment against UV radiation.

The cloths of these nets can be tailor made and with the inclusion of curtains, if necessary, depending on whether you want a suitable net for training, or a professional net for competition.


Sports Nets


» Easy to install
» Does not oxidize
» Extreme weather resistant
» Chemical and acid contact resistant
» Treatment against UV rays
» 100% recyclable


Standard presentation:
» Tailor made cloths (m²)

Standard color:
» Dark green

Technical Specifications

Nylon 210/36 (Impact)
» PE 10/12 (Surround)

Range of mesh sizes:
22mm KK (Impact)
» 28mm KK (Surround)

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